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شرکت مکانو از یک درخت برای طراحی یک ساختمان در تایوان الهام می گیرد



شرکت معماری هلندی مکانو ( Mecanoo ) مسابقه بین المللی برای یک مرکز هنری ملی در Kaohsiung را برنده شد.

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Putajaya trowers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Another iconic building is going to be built in Malaysia. This is not surprising, since they do have two of the tallest buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers. The design of Precinct4 is very unique, based on traditional Islamic architecture, marine-inspired structures, and radiating block of bioclimatic architecture.

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W Doha Hotel & Residences



W Doha Hotel & Residences will be located on a prime site in the West Bay area of Doha close to the city-centre. The site benefits from panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, which will be enhanced by the multi-storey nature of the building. The West Bay (as opposed to the old downtown) is the emerging commercial heart of the city and contains the majority of the new commercial development as well as the majority of the city’s luxury hotels. W Doha brings a new flavor to the region as the first lifestyle design hotel in Doha. The hotel will set the standard for modern luxury accommodations in the city, offering residents all the benefits and amenities that come with being connected to a W. The design of W Doha is modern and contemporary with an infusion of the design elements indigenous to the region, including lighting, colors, and social areas. W Doha Hotel & Residences is scheduled to open March 2008. Leave the bustle of Doha behind and pamper yourself in the urban sanctuary of W Doha. Savor a meal in one of the two signature restaurants, sip and socialize in the W Living Room, take a dip in the outdoor WET, or simply let loose at the Bliss® Spa.

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Lusail Twin Towers



Qatar National Hotels Company, the leaders in Qatar’s hospitality industry, has announced plans for its 1.5 billion QR development in the Marina District at Lusail City. The twin towers will open in the largest and most innovative development of Lusail by the end of 2010.

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Genious use of pre-fabricated materials



These days Dasparkhotel, created by designer Andreas Strauus as a new form of accommodation near Austrian city Linz, starts his third season. The hotel, opened from May till Octobre, is designed from unused increadible robust drain pipes, made from concrete. Simple look-like exterior covers entire 2 metres long room with a double-bed and storage. Other facillities are around, so the hotel integrates to the going of neighbourhood. Cells offer a temporary, comfortable and uncomplicated home. And the bonus: the night in this feature cost as much as you propose to pay.

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Ecological housing building COR Miami Florida



Ecological housing building COR in Miami, Floride, USA by architects from Oppenheim office will be built in 2010. Except using solar panels, own wind turbines is hyper-efficient also shell of the building, so all his structure. Tower is a complex with offices, fitnes studio or diverse residential apartments.

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پروژه هایی که تا سال 2011 در دوبی تمام خواهند شد



Arch Bridge

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Modernism in Hong Kong



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دانشگاهی در شرق نیوزلند




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برج الماس در جده


شرکت Al-Masart در حال حاضر بر روی یک پروژه مسکونی در جده ( عربستان صعودی ) کار می کند. برای این پروژه اسم ( برج الماس )  در نظر گرفته شده است. انتظار می رود که این برج تقریبا ۳۵۰ متر ارتفاع داشته باشد که حدود ۳۰۰ واحد مسکونی ۱، ۲، ۳ و ۴ خوابه را در خود جای می دهد. برج الماس تقریبا ۸۰ طبقه خواهد داشت.


با نظر به این سازه و و سازه های بسیار زیادی دیگری که در خاور میانه ساخته شده یا در دست ساختمان هستند مشخص است که به طور کلی آسیا گام بسیار موفقی را در زمینه معماری و ساخت و ساز آسمان خراش ها برداشته است.

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