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Lighting and Compositing Reel


I made some changes to my Lighting and compositing reel. Please take a look and give me feedback.

click on the image below to get navigated to my portfolio in order to watch my reel.

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My short film with final sound track now on youtube

click here to watch my short film on youtube

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My final Animation


ok and here is my final animation after tough 7 weeks. please click on the image below so you’ll be linked to my portfolio and can see my short movie. Please write down your comments here. Every single feedback is absolutely welcomed.

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Lighting and Rendering Tests


This is the 4th time I’m starting my lighting. 3 months ago I worked on the lighting with very basic lighting. Just 2 weeks later I added

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Lift and Carry Assignment


We had a very tough week. first lever pull and then lift and carry assignment. The most difficult part in animation is that if you touch one key that affects everything so you need to go back and fix the rest. I’m not still satisfied with my lift and carry assignment but anyway I upload that here so I can have your comments on it.

Double Click on the image to play the movie

Sad and Happy Walk


Steve Taylor would like us to film ourselves and use them as reference for our animations. The animation assignment for this week was sad and happy walk.

Click on the image below and you will be navigated to my portfolio.



Lighting is my favorite. It’s really fun. Craig shiells is our lighting instructor. When I get tired of modeling and animating I do lighting. We only have 1 lighting assignment for term 2. Craig gave us a set. He wanted the Day and Night lighting for the set. Here you can see my lighting assignment done.

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Studying Animation


I’m super happy that I’m studying at Vancouver Film School. One Month has passed and we’ve been busy with modeling a castle and animating a bouncing ball!!! Everything is so professional here. I really love coming to class every day learning new stuff. Animation is super FUN. The only thing that I still don’t have any answer for is preferring Maya to Max. some people are completely new to 3D software here but since I have experience working with Max for a couple of years it’s easier for me to work with Maya. Wait a minute, did I say It’s easy? No, No It is not easy at all. I get confused with shortcuts. some keys have absolutely different function in Maya. For example C is for changing the cameras in Max but it’s for snapping to curves in Maya and lots of other differences. I wonder why Autodesk doesn’t try to make them as similar as possible.

Bouncing ball is the first assignment in every animation school. Steve Taylor says that we can see the bouncing ball in every piece of animation. No matter ehat the animation is bouncing ball is always involved.

Double Click on the image to play the movie

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